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Rebranding Yourself

If you are looking for work, moving in for that promotion, making the change to a new career,

or just ready for a change, you may want to do something different. Companies do this all the time when they want customers to see them differently. There's no reason for you not to the

same thing.

For example...

  • You just earned a degree and it's time to level up.

  • You're ready to make the move to management and you want to be respected as management material.

  • You just completed a killer project, gained new skills/competencies, or evolved and it's time to see you in a different light.

  • You're tired of being treated as one who is less qualified than you really are and you're ready for others to see you for what you really are and can really do.

We’re going to approach personal rebranding just like any other rebranding for a product, service, or business. There are key questions that must be answered to ensure our success. These questions work as well for us as individuals as they do for product marketing. After all, we are marketing the most important product that we have – ourselves.

Consider the following questions:

How do you want them to see or perceive you?

This becomes the end goal toward which we are working. If we can “begin with the end in mind,” we can know how to shape our efforts to achieve those results. Recognizing how we want others to see us, think about us, and feel about us can help to create the ideal brand or image. That does not mean that we need to get there before we begin. It does mean that we need to know what we’re working toward so we can create that image and feeling in others’ minds and work towards achieving them.

Why should they buy you?

If you cannot answer this question, why should your customers?

You must recognize your value. We’ll get into your uniqueness in the next bullet point, but here we ask a broader question – why you? This is also the question that will derail most people when they come into the rebranding process before they shift their mindset. It’s easy to start comparing yourself to others, talking yourself down, or finding a way out of taking your first steps forward unless you’ve shifted your mindset. For that reason, if you haven’t made it through Step 1 on Mindset, go back and work through it.

When you’re ready, let’s get back to this. What makes you the best at what you do? In what areas are you an expert? Do you have extensive experience in a certain job or skillset? Are there specific competencies, qualifications, or licenses that make you better than others? Begin to list these out so you can see for yourself why you (and others) would buy from you.

What is your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition)

To get more specific, let’s consider what’s called your Unique Selling Proposition. A USP is, quite simply, something that makes you better than the competition.

  • What is the one thing that makes you better than all the other candidates?

  • Are you faster at your job than everyone else? How do you know? How can you prove it?

  • Are you better at your job than everyone else? How can you measure it and share that with others?

  • Are you smarter than the rest? How can you define your know-how and prove it to your employer?

  • Are you a better innovator and problem solver? What problem can you solve for them and how can you demonstrate it?

Remember – it’s not just what you can do, but what you can demonstrate or prove that will make the difference.

When you leave the room, what do you want people to say about you?

This may sound like a cheeky question, but it really gets to the soul of the rebranding scenario. When we (personally) are gone, what is the impression that we want them to feel? If they go back to their business as soon as we leave, we are unmemorable, and they will forget about us. However, if we can engage them and incorporate full interaction, there is a greater chance they will consider us.

Here's to your success!

Dr. Wade Larson - Optimal Talent Dynamics

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