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Helping You Become the Best Leader

Leadership changes EVERYTHING. It helps you achieve more, be more, and do more. Only through leadership can you help others to achieve their best and drive your organization or team to a new level. Peak performance demands peak leadership. 

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Time to Step Up

What's holding you back from becoming the best you?

Chances are you have blamed others, lack of opportunity, lack of resources, lack of time, or a number of other things. But in the end, there's only one thing that is stopping's YOU. 

You have the same basic resource they have - Time!

You have the same number of minutes in each hour, the some number of each hours in each day, 

the same number of days in a week,

the same weeks in a month,

and the same months in a year...

as EVERYONE else. 

So what makes others successful? 

It's what you DO with that time that makes the difference. 

Do you THINK about making a difference? 

Or do you MAKE a difference?

Let's work together to help you take the first steps toward turning intention into action - and action into outcomes to optimize your success. 

"Every journey begins with that first step. The key is to make sure you step in the right direction...then keep on stepping!



I've spent a lifetime exploring that question. 

It seems almost elusive and philosophical to the point that some consider it impractical, illogical, and even impossible. Can leadership really make a difference? Does it really impact the bottom line? Am I really able to measure the outcomes of good leadership vs bad leadership? 

As a lifelong learner who has sought the answer himself...seeking many sources from books, lectures, conferences, speakers, videos, interviews, experiences, and finally inspiration, I have explored the topic in depth. I even earned my doctorate in leadership studies. Yet through all of this, do you know what I learned? 

Despite all of our so-called accumulated "knowledge" on leadership, we as a human race are just now barely recognizing the true impact of leadership.

But to define leadership...we have a long way to go.


Is leadership power? Yes...

Is leadership service? Yes...

Is leadership influence? Yes...

Is leadership results? Yes...

Is leadership love? Yes...

Is leadership about success? Yes...

All of the above. None of the above. And so much more!

The TRUE definition of leadership comes from WITHIN. You must define leadership for yourself. This is part of the journey that you are on. As you define it for yourself, you can craft your journey - and depending upon your success and influence, others may choose to follow. Provided that you are headed in the right direction, incremental successes will lead to larger-scale successes.


But it begins with you...


What do YOU want? 

Why do YOU want it?


Answer these questions first...then we can work together to build the strategy that guides us through the "how" to achieve them.