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The Leadership Institute

Professional Development Solutions to Optimize Talent for Today's Changing Needs

Business is different - we've adapted to a new way of operating. Has your training and development solution? 
It's time to re-think what is possible and deliver the promise of ongoing growth and development to your company and employees.

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Leadership Academy

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For seasoned managers who want an experience to prepare them for executive leadership, look no further. The Leadership Institute is designed to be an immersive opportunity to develop hands-on, experiential learning that will otherwise take you years to learn on your own.

Management Institute

Online / In-Person

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Micro-MBA in 90-Days


Need the education of an MBA, but don't have the time or want to invest the money? We get it. If you have neither the 2-years or the $40,000 to jump into grad school, how about jumping into a 12-part course that allows you to get the Cliff Notes of grad school? Come get the value of the core education at a fraction of the time and investment.

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A Time for Civility

Online / In Person

Now more than ever, workplace civility matters. We've focused so hard on harassment and discrimination for the past 30 years, yet we've not focused on the underlying causes. With the underlying strife of politics, racism, and global upheaval, never before has civility created so much division among employees. In this course, we cover steps employers can take to make civility a core value and enhance corporate outcomes.

Individual Courses

Online/ In Person

Looking for individual courses by topic? Select from several courses in business fundamentals, leadership, employee competencies, and more. This option offers ala carte courses to employees and employers alike looking to build professional development solutions.

Career Dev Tools


You know you want more - you deserve more - but you're not sure of the next steps. Maybe it's a promotion, a move to management, or it could even be your first professional job. In some cases, it is a move into management, a shift in careers, or a transfer of knowledge to another industry. In any case, you are more than you think. This course helps provide you with guidance to set a vision, create your career plan, and then work the plan to get the job, career, and lifestyle you deserve.