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Talent Shortage Pains?

Join us for the very Best Practices to retain, find, and build your best workforce to address the current labor shortage


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Helping you transform your business to meet the demands of a changing workplace...

Strategic Workforce Development Specialists 

Today's workforce challenges are more difficult than ever before. Turnover, recruitment, and developing new talent are among some of the challenges that employers face to meet today's "new normal". Never before have employers needed so much support. We work with employers to identify needs, develop solutions, and achieve results.  

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Recruit, Hire, Retain & Motivate the Best in an Impossible Job Market

Identify Your Top Challenges that are Keeping Candidates Away - No Matter What You Offer

Find the Best, Build the Best, & Keep Them!

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September 21

Solve your talent shortage...



Attendees can add on a second day for only $149.00 to enjoy a full-day intensive leadership development course for them or their team. Add to the experience with solutions one day and leadership tools to implement them the next!

Are You Suffering from the Talent Crisis?

You're not alone - but you also don't need to solve it by yourself. Learn as Dr. Wade shares his presentation on how to address the labor crisis. It won't be a short term fix. Employers must take immediate action to implement short-term, mid-range, and long-term strategic efforts to make change happen. Click the video to watch. 



The rules have changed for employers and employees. Markets are unpredictable, employees are hard to find, and the employee experience is unique to each person. 

There are no rule books for this post-pandemic world.  We've found that  organizations that set the correct course have the best success in achieving goals, attracting and retaining employees, and making a difference. 

We can work with you to help set that direction, create opportunities, and develop your leaders. Click below to learn more.

Looking for Better Leaders, Better Results?

We provide the best options for leaders, business, professionals, and HR

Many say they can deliver programs, but only a few can deliver and back it up with results.


Today's world requires a new mind thrive under constant change, excel in decision making, and adapting to chaos. The rate of change is only accelerating with no end in sight. Today's leaders must shift faster - think, believe, act, and create innovatively.  


Find out more about how we partner to create successful outcomes that drive performance.

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Optimal Talent Dynamics is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.


employee development solutions that work

Let's be honest. We've all been disappointed by the training and development options out there on the market. That's where we differ. 

We bring you hands-on, time tested, real-world training solutions that work. Period.

We specialize in leadership, management, and employee skills training that stands above the rest. With decades of experience, current content, and solutions that can be applied immediately to improve performance, the value speaks for itself. 

Optimize the value of your leadership and employee development today. 

Your company is only as good as the people who work for it. Are you meeting their needs?

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Join our Optimal Leader Project to Become Your Best You.

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Need that extra help or expertise to take your company to the next level? On-demand, project-based, or contracted services are available. Let's design the right customized package that works for you and your business.  

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We provide highly engaging training and development programs for all levels. Whether it be first-time managers, executive leadership development, or general employee skills, we have what you need to upskill your team.  


Want to find out what your employees think and feel? Employee engagement surveys can help to dig deep into the real climate of your organization. You can't fix what you don't know. Let us help you discover more today. 

We can help...

Recent work from Gallup tells us what we already know...employees need more than just a paycheck. They are looking for employers to take care of their entire WELLBEING. This includes attention to compensation - we need to support our families and take care of their needs. But we also need professional growth, a sense of belonging, ongoing engagement and communication, a focus on wellness, and ongoing support to achieve our best. Employers that "Get It" achieve more from employees and their overall goals. Those who do not find themselves with higher turnover, lower morale, and issues with profitability.  In today's new world, employers find outside help to gain new ideas and build solutions in...

1 Organizational Performance

2 Executive Strategy & Planning

3 HR Program Evaluation 

4 Keynote Speaking & Workshops

5 Management Training 

6 Leadership Development

7 Corporate Wellness Consulting

8 Career Counseling

Some of our amazing clients...


Ready for HR 3.0?

The World Has Changed...

Have YOU??

If you're still doing HR and business the same way, it's time to stop. The world has shifted. It was already shifting before the pandemic, and it only became faster when the world went crazy for a time.

If you're still using the same model we've been using for the past 25 years, it's time to transform to the NEW MODEL for a new time. 

Come learn more about what it takes to successfully lead and manage in today's business climate and win in this world of HR 3.0.

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Time to make the jump?

If you've been thinking about that next promotion, stepping into that executive resume, or moving into that executive position, it's time to talk. Dr. Wade may have an executive coaching solution for you.